Predicting The Best RBs in EA Sports College Football 25 Using Data

Dive into our analysis of the top running backs returning to college football in 2024, predicted to excel in EA Sports College Football 25. We base our insights on detailed metrics to highlight the standout talents and statistical achievements expected to influence their game ratings.

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Predicting The Best RBs in EA Sports College Football 25 Using Data

As we gear up for the release of EA Sports College Football 25, the anticipation around which players will dominate the virtual gridiron continues to rapidly grow. In this article, we turn our attention to the running backs who are poised to make significant impacts both on the field and in the game. Utilizing detailed metrics and performance data from the 2023 season via Pro Football Focus, we analyze who could be the top running backs in College Football 25.

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Predicting The Best Returning Running Backs by 2023 Performance

  • Terion Stewart, Bowling Green (2023 Offensive Grade: 95.3, Rushing Grade: 94, Receiving Grade: 64.7) - Not expected to do much in the passing game with only 1 target in 9 games, but averaged a whopping 4.81 yards after contact on 125 touches, with 596 of his total yards in his 9 games being after contact. He is the highest-graded returning running back with at least 100 attempts last season and should dominate in the MAC after returning from a leg injury.
  • Ashton Jeanty, Boise State (2023 Offensive Grade: 94.9, Rushing Grade: 94.6, Receiving Grade: 91.6) - One of, if not the best outright dual-threat RB in college football and fitting that modern NFL RB1 archetype, Jeanty not only dominated on the ground but recorded 44 receptions on 48 targets for 578 yards last season. In addition, he had 981 yards after contact and 1344 rushing yards. Jeanty’s ability to excel both as a rusher and a receiver makes him a key asset for Boise State’s offense, and he will likely be a popular choice for players this year.
  • Jacory Croskey-Merritt, Arizona (2023 Offensive Grade: 92.7, Rushing Grade: 92.5, Receiving Grade: 74.1) - Croskey-Merritt showcased a well-rounded game, amassing 1,191 yards and 17 touchdowns. His ability to find the end zone and maintain consistent yardage makes him a reliable back. With 64 avoided tackles and a solid breakaway percentage, he’s a threat both in short-yardage situations and in the open field. His 749 yards after contact further emphasize his physicality and resilience, making him one of the better transfer portal RB's in 2024 coming out of New Mexico.
  • Quinton Cooley, Liberty (2023 Offensive Grade: 92.6, Rushing Grade: 93.2, Receiving Grade: 58) - Cooley’s impressive season included 1,404 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns, highlighting his workhorse capabilities. Despite a lower breakaway percentage, he consistently moved the chains with 74 first downs. His 726 yards after contact underscore his ability to fight for extra yards, while his agility allowed him to avoid 46 tackles. Cooley’s balance of power and finesse makes him a versatile threat in any offensive scheme.
  • Kyle Monangai, Rutgers (2023 Offensive Grade: 92.5, Rushing Grade: 92.2, Receiving Grade: 57.7) - Monangai’s powerful running style resulted in 1,263 yards and 8 touchdowns, with an impressive 881 yards after contact. His ability to break tackles and consistently gain yards after initial contact is a testament to his strength and determination. With 73 avoided tackles, Monangai is a reliable option in tough, grinding situations. His consistency makes him a critical asset for Rutgers.
  • Jordan James, Oregon (2023 Offensive Grade: 92.0, Rushing Grade: 94.8, Receiving Grade: 65.8) - James’s efficiency and breakaway speed make him a player to watch, with 764 yards and 11 touchdowns on just 108 carries. His 7.1 yards per carry indicate his big-play potential, while his 436 yards after contact demonstrate his toughness. James’s ability to break away from defenders, shown by his 12 breakaway attempts, makes him a home run threat every time he touches the ball for the Ducks.
  • Jonah Coleman, Washington (2023 Offensive Grade: 91.4, Rushing Grade: 93.4, Receiving Grade: 74.9) - Coleman’s agility and ability to avoid tackles are crucial strengths, as evidenced by his 863 yards and 5 touchdowns. His 646 yards after contact and 5.09 yards per attempt highlight his effectiveness and efficiency. With 46 avoided tackles, Coleman is adept at making defenders miss, making him a dynamic weapon for Washington after transferring from Arizona this offseason.
  • Tahj Brooks, Texas Tech (2023 Offensive Grade: 90.1, Rushing Grade: 92.1, Receiving Grade: 56.3) - Brooks’s durability and consistency in gaining yards make him a top performer, having rushed for 1,547 yards and 10 touchdowns. His 998 yards after contact and 96 avoided tackles underscore his power and elusiveness. Despite a lower yards per carry average, his ability to consistently gain positive yardage and avoid negative plays makes him a reliable option for Texas Tech.
  • TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State (2023 Offensive Grade: 90.0, Rushing Grade: 89.9, Receiving Grade: 73.6) - Henderson’s explosive playmaking ability and breakaway speed stand out, with 925 yards and 11 touchdowns in just 10 games. His 5.9 yards per attempt and 574 yards after contact highlight his efficiency and strength. Henderson’s 14 breakaway attempts show his capability to turn any run into a big gain, making him a crucial playmaker for Ohio State and will be a fun weapon this season paired with recent transfer Quinshon Judkins.
  • Jahiem White, West Virginia (2023 Offensive Grade: 89.1, Rushing Grade: 91.6, Receiving Grade: 62.4) - White’s quickness and agility in space make him a dynamic player with 842 yards and 4 touchdowns. His 406 yards after contact and 3.72 yards after contact per attempt emphasize his ability to make defenders miss. With 55% of his total yards coming after contact, White’s toughness and ability to gain extra yards are notable strengths. The Mountaineers offense is going to be a lot of fun this season.
  • Omarion Hampton, North Carolina (2023 Offensive Grade: 88.7, Rushing Grade: 90.6, Receiving Grade: 70.7) - Hampton’s strength and ability to break tackles are key factors, with 1,484 yards and 15 touchdowns. His 1,072 yards after contact and 67 avoided tackles highlight his physicality and determination. Hampton’s ability to consistently move the chains, evidenced by his 76 first downs, makes him an essential component of North Carolina’s offense, especially as they transition away from Drake Maye.
  • Peny Boone, UCF (2023 Offensive Grade: 88.2, Rushing Grade: 90.2, Receiving Grade: 59.6) - Boone’s balance of power and speed makes him a versatile threat, with 1,384 yards and 15 touchdowns. His 822 yards after contact and 50 avoided tackles underscore his ability to fight for extra yards. Boone’s 7.2 yards per carry average indicates his efficiency and big-play potential, making him a formidable opponent for defenses. He looks to continue his success as the 2023 MAC Player of the Year at UCF along with RJ Harvey after transferring in the offseason.
  • RJ Harvey, UCF (2023 Offensive Grade: 87.9, Rushing Grade: 91.4, Receiving Grade: 69.1) - Harvey’s vision and ability to find gaps in the defense are noteworthy, with 1,417 yards and 16 touchdowns. His 802 yards after contact and 74 avoided tackles highlight his elusiveness and strength. Harvey’s ability to consistently gain positive yardage, coupled with his knack for finding the end zone, makes him a key player for UCF. He and Peny Boone will be a fun duo to utilize this season.
  • Jaydn Ott, California (2023 Offensive Grade: 87.5, Rushing Grade: 89.5, Receiving Grade: 71.9) - Ott’s consistency and knack for gaining yards after contact make him a reliable performer with 1,311 yards and 12 touchdowns. His 833 yards after contact and 59 avoided tackles underscore his toughness and agility. Ott’s ability to make defenders miss and gain extra yards makes him a valuable asset for Cal.
  • Darius Taylor, Minnesota (2023 Offensive Grade: 87.4, Rushing Grade: 84.8, Receiving Grade: 73) - Taylor demonstrated significant potential in just 6 games, with 800 yards and 5 touchdowns. His 519 yards after contact and 35 avoided tackles highlight his physicality and ability to create plays. Taylor’s 5.8 yards per carry and 12 breakaway attempts showcase his explosiveness and promise as a key player for Minnesota this coming season.
  • Ulysses Bentley IV, Ole Miss (2023 Offensive Grade: 87.4, Rushing Grade: 89.5, Receiving Grade: 69.2) - Bentley’s 540 yards and 4 touchdowns in a limited role showcase his efficiency, with 333 yards after contact and 29 avoided tackles. His 5.7 yards per carry and ability to make defenders miss make him a valuable asset in Ole Miss’s backfield, contributing significantly to their high-powered offense after the loss of Quinshon Judkins to the portal.
  • Marquez Cooper, San Diego State (2023 Offensive Grade: 87.0, Rushing Grade: 90.3, Receiving Grade: 67.2) - Cooper’s 1,043 yards and 4 touchdowns highlight his consistency, with 784 yards after contact and 62 avoided tackles. Despite a lower yards per carry average, his ability to grind out tough yards and make defenders miss makes him a reliable option this year for SDSU after transferring from Ball State.
  • Makhi Hughes, Tulane (2023 Offensive Grade: 86.4, Rushing Grade: 89.2, Receiving Grade: 53.8) - Hughes’s 1,373 yards and 7 touchdowns demonstrate his durability and effectiveness, with 964 yards after contact and 68 avoided tackles. His 5.3 yards per carry and ability to consistently gain positive yardage make him a key player for Tulane’s offense.
  • Devin Neal, Kansas (2023 Offensive Grade: 85.7, Rushing Grade: 85.4, Receiving Grade: 66) - Neal’s 1,280 yards and 16 touchdowns highlight his productivity, with 737 yards after contact and 60 avoided tackles. His 6.3 yards per carry and ability to create big plays make him a dynamic weapon for Kansas’s offense which should be explosive this season.
  • Kaytron Allen, Penn State (2023 Offensive Grade: 85.4, Rushing Grade: 90.6, Receiving Grade: 47.6) - Allen’s 899 yards and 6 touchdowns showcase his reliability, with 556 yards after contact and 37 avoided tackles. His 5.2 yards per carry and ability to gain tough yards make him a dependable option for Penn State. He and Nick Singleton will be one of the best duos in college football this season.
  • Dylan Carson, Air Force (2023 Offensive Grade: 85.0, Rushing Grade: 84.7, Receiving Grade: 57.4) - Carson’s 477 yards and 2 touchdowns in 9 games highlight his efficiency, with 269 yards after contact and 11 avoided tackles. His 7.0 yards per carry and ability to make defenders miss make him a valuable asset for Air Force. Players running with service academies in Dynasty - give him a shot!
  • Ollie Gordon II, Oklahoma State (2023 Offensive Grade: 83.7, Rushing Grade: 90.4, Receiving Grade: 58.4) - Gordon’s 1,732 yards and 21 touchdowns demonstrate his workhorse capabilities, with 1,056 yards after contact and 68 avoided tackles. His 6.1 yards per carry and ability to break big plays make him a key player for Oklahoma State and a pre-season front-runner for the Heisman this year.
  • Quinshon Judkins, Ohio State (2023 Offensive Grade: 83.4, Rushing Grade: 87.1, Receiving Grade: 60.6) - Judkins’s 1,159 yards and 15 touchdowns was good for second in the SEC last season, including 871 yards after contact and 78 avoided tackles. His 4.3 yards per carry and ability to consistently gain positive yardage make him a valuable asset. He and TreVeyon Henderson will likely be the best RB duo in college football this season for Ohio State.
  • Nicholas Singleton, Penn State (2023 Offensive Grade: 71.8, Rushing Grade: 72.2, Receiving Grade: 73.3) - Singleton’s 753 yards and 8 touchdowns showcase his potential, with 486 yards after contact and 23 avoided tackles. His 4.4 yards per carry and ability to make defenders miss make him an elite asset for Penn State, and being paired with Kaytron Allen will make the PSU backfield almost unstoppable this season.
  • Donovan Edwards, Michigan (2023 Offensive Grade: 71.1, Rushing Grade: 69.8, Receiving Grade: 74.1) - Edwards’s 497 yards and 5 touchdowns in a limited role highlight his potential, with 318 yards after contact and 14 avoided tackles. His 4.2 yards per carry and ability to contribute in the passing game make him a versatile option for Michigan. With Blake Corum going to the NFL, Edwards will get the opportunity for a featured back workload this season.


The talent pool for running backs in college football is exceptionally deep and diverse this season. These running backs are poised to dominate in EA Sports College Football 25, bringing their unique talents to the virtual field.

Which running back are you most excited about?

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