Predicting The Best WRs in EA Sports College Football 25 Using Data

Discover the top 10 wide receivers returning to college football in 2024, who are expected to shine in EA Sports College Football 25. Our detailed analysis based on PFF grades showcases the elite talents and statistical achievements that could influence their game ratings.

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Predicting The Best WRs in EA Sports College Football 25 Using Data

As we gear up for the release of EA Sports College Football 25, the spotlight is on the players who are poised to dominate the virtual gridiron. This analysis delves into the performances of the top 10 wide receivers returning to college football, each making a compelling case for a high rating. Utilizing detailed metrics from Pro Football Focus (PFF), we highlight the key attributes that set these athletes apart last season.

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The Top 10 Returning Wide Receivers by 2023 PFF Grade

  1. Ricky White, UNLV (2023 Offensive Grade: 90.5) - A standout performer with 1,487 yards and 8 touchdowns, White demonstrated his deep-threat capability with an average depth of target of 12.4 yards. His ability to evade tacklers (10 avoided tackles) and rack up 577 yards after catch underscores his agility and playmaking prowess. White returned to UNLV for his senior year despite outperforming even Marvin Harrison Jr. in PFF grade last season.
  2. Elijah Sarratt, Indiana (89.9) - Known for his reliability, Sarratt caught 82.8% of the passes thrown his way, amassing 1,199 yards. His exceptional contested catch rate of 78.9% and a targeted QB rating of 144.1 highlight his effectiveness in critical moments. He transferred from James Madison to Indiana this offseason, so will have a great opportunity to shine on a bigger stage in the Big 10.
  3. Luther Burden III, Missouri (88.8) - Burden’s versatility shines through with 1,209 yards and 9 touchdowns,  mostly from the slot. His impressive yards after catch (724) and a high contested catch rate (56.5%) reflect his dynamic play style. Burden struggled a bit down the stretch last season against great defenses in Georgia and Ohio State, but should still warrant a high rating going into the season.
  4. Tre Harris, Ole Miss (88.5) - Harris, with 986 yards on 87 targets, has proven his ability as a deep-ball threat, boasting an average depth of target of 13.2 yards. His targeted QB rating of 131.7 illustrates his impact on the game. The high flying Ole Miss offense should have Tre Harris in the conversation for the Biletnikoff this season.
  5. Tory Horton, Colorado State (87.9) - Horton’s consistent performance, marked by 1,144 yards and 8 touchdowns, is complemented by his agility to secure 575 yards after the catch. His balance of playing outside (71.2%) and in the slot (28.5%) is a testament to his versatility as a receiver for CSU. You may remember Horton from his 16 catch, 18 target game in Week 3 against Colorado last year.
  6. Tez Johnson, Oregon (87.5) - Johnson excelled with 1,182 yards and 10 touchdowns, predominantly taking snaps from the slot. His agility is highlighted by his 81.1% catch rate and 727 yards after catch (2nd amongst returning receivers), proving his ability to maneuver after receptions. He also boasts a ridiculous targeted QB rating of 144.6. Tez should dominate this season with Dillon Gabriel at QB and Dan Lanning returning to make another attempt at the CFP.
  7. Tetairoa McMillan, Arizona (87.4) - As a formidable presence on the field, McMillan racked up 1,396 yards and 10 touchdowns. His deep-threat ability is underscored by an average depth of target of 12.9 yards. He has shown strong performance in contested catches with 17 receptions in such situations, demonstrating his reliability in tight coverage. McMillan dominated down the stretch, including 649 receiving yards in his last 4 games last season (266 against ASU!)
  8. Xavier Restrepo, Miami FL (87.4) - Restrepo made significant contributions with 1,102 yards and 6 touchdowns. Known for his consistent play, he managed a 71.4% catch rate and was effective in contested situations with a 46.7% catch rate, showcasing his strong hands and ability to secure difficult catches. With Cam Ward coming in at QB, Restrepo's ceiling should be even higher this year.
  9. Chrishon McCray, Kent State (87.2) - In an injury-shortened season with only 9 games, McCray managed 615 yards and 4 touchdowns. His standout stats are a 75% contested catch rate and 13.7 average depth of target, highlighting his ability as a deep threat. However, his overall reception efficiency might be a concern with a 56.2% catch rate. McCray is a big play waiting to happen, so expect to see a high rating despite being on a bad Kent State team.
  10. CJ Daniels, LSU (87.1) - Daniels was a standout for the surprise Liberty Flames last season with 1,064 yards and 10 touchdowns, demonstrating a deep threat with an average depth of target of 15.9 yards (the highest of any returning receiver with a PFF grade above 80). His downright insane contested catch rate of 88.9% and a targeted QB rating of 144.6 indicate his effectiveness in high-pressure situations and his quarterback’s trust in his abilities. Daniels transferred to LSU in the offseason, so expect to see his name appear a lot for Brian Kelly and the new LSU offense this season.


The talent pool for wide receivers in college football remains deep and diverse, with players showcasing a range of skills from reliable hands in contested catches to explosive playmaking after the catch. While these top 10 wide receivers are poised to dominate in EA Sports College Football 25, the unpredictability of college football means new stars could emerge in the 2024 season, adding depth and excitement to both the collegiate and virtual fields. This dynamic landscape promises thrilling developments for fans and gamers alike. We look forward to seeing how things shake out when College Football 25 is released in less than two weeks!

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